Girl Scout Cookies

February 24, 2007 snickerdoodle7

Every American has their favorite Girl Scout Cookie. In fact, it’s almost a law that each household must purchase at least one box of cookies from the Girl Scouts each year. For most of us, this is no problem and we each bring home many boxes of cookies. I think it’s great that the money we spend goes on to support these little girls, but have you read the ingredients in these cookies that we eat by the box-full? Do yourself a favor and save yourself a heart attack by not doing so. I, however, did read the box. All I can say is YIKES!!! I can’t believe that I put those things in my digestive tract. I felt the only thing I could do was say sorry to my stomach and try to create a healthier version of my favorite cookie: The Somoa. Caramely, buttery, chocolaty goodness all wrapped around a shortbread cookie. The cookie at it’s best. And at it’s worst, according to the ingredients on the box.

So in my quest to recreate my oldtime favorites, I went from this:


To These:

I took a family shortbread cookie recipe and topped it with toasted coconut in a homemade caramel sauce and drizzled with chocolate. Although there is no lack of calories in them, there is a lack of really nasty oils and preservatives.

The verdict: They were good. Really good infact, and they tasted pretty close to the originals. Unfortunately there is just something about a Girl Scout Cookie that makes it as good as a Girl Scout Cookie and you can’t beat whatever it is. I’m sure I’ll keep on trying to beat it though.

While I was on the topic of girl scout cookies I decided to try recreating Do-Si0Dos as well. They are an oatmeal peanut butter cookie with peanut butter filling, another favorite. Instead of coming up with my own reacipe I just used this one from that had already been compared to the Girl Scout Do-Si-Dos.

So with all of this girl scout business over with (for now) I’m satisfied with the results. I think my next attempt will be a homemade Tagalong. Yum.



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